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Tanghua fireworks was founded in 1990 in Liuyang, the "hometown of fireworks" in China, and the company has jurisdiction over Liuyang Dayao Tanghua Export Fireworks Factory. Since its inception, Tanghua Fireworks has been a pioneer in the fireworks industry innovation, is a professional research fireworks culture and art company. Tanghua fireworks has always been adhering to the concept of "ingenuity" and "innovation", after years of development, in the field of professional fireworks, product development and manufacturing ranks at the forefront of the industry. 

Suppliers of major fireworks events at home and abroad 

Tanghua fireworks take the customer as the perspective, driven by technology, and constantly upgrade the R & D capability of products, its products are of high quality, colorful, novel and unique, and are purchased and used by well-known international discharge companies in Europe, the United States and Asia. Is the Beijing Olympic Games, London Olympic Games, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Sochi Winter Olympics, Dubai Atlantis hotel opened, Kuwait National Day, France and Hong Kong Disney and other major fireworks activities of the world's product suppliers. 

Standardized executive team 

Tanghua Fireworks is the industry's top national fireworks enterprise, with multi-level, professional and efficient team and excellent lighting equipment, is a creative planning, product research and development, installation and construction, lighting system control and other integrated solutions provider. It has carried out more than 1,000 large-scale fireworks activities, such as 2014 Beijing APEC, 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, 2018 CCTV New Year's Day Gala, CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Florence, Italy, 2019 Singapore's 200th anniversary celebration, the opening ceremony of the Beijing International Garden Expo, Beijing's 70th National Day Gala, and the opening ceremony of the 7th World Military Games . Tanghua Fireworks will be the perfect integration of fireworks culture and art and commercial activities, to provide consumers and partners with more diversified services and development space. 

The main draftsman of national standards 

Tonghua fireworks has a number of fireworks patented technology and rich industry experience, is the national standard GB24284-2009 "large fireworks setting off safety technical regulations" the initiator and the main draftsman, and GB19593-2015 "fireworks - combination fireworks" and other national standards of the main standard unit. 

Pioneer in the art of fireworks 

Tanghua fireworks have created a new era of fireworks culture creativity. The first in the industry to put forward the concept of "scene fireworks" performance, his works "Cowher and Weaver", "Jiangnan Impression", "two people's fireworks", combined with mainstream artistic elements, the scene performance of fireworks and culture and art to be perfectly presented. In addition, in recent years, Tanghua fireworks and the internationally renowned blasting artist CAI Guoqiang joined hands to integrate painting into performance, creating magnificent works such as "Flower City in the Sky" and "3D three-dimensional dynamic fireworks Scroll", which pushed fireworks art to a new level, broke the dimension of traditional fireworks display, and realized the three-dimensional and dynamic performance of fireworks.

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