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Tanghua fireworks was founded in 1990 in Liuyang, the "hometown of fireworks" in China, and the company has jurisdiction over Liuyang Dayao Tanghua Export Fireworks Factory. Since its inception, Tanghua Fireworks has been a pioneer in the fireworks industry innovation, is a professional research fireworks culture and art company. Tanghua fireworks has always been adhering to the concept ...


"The Mirage" fireworks show

On the evening of December 8, 2023, Quanzhou, Fujian Province,Tonghua Fireworks, dedicated to the drone fireworks show,The seamless integration of technology an···

Tang fireworks interpretation Weifang history of the largest fireworks show

On the evening of September 25, 2023, Weifang Binhai International Kite Flying FieldStarting from the humanistic characteristics of Weifang, with the theme of "better Weifang Science and technology Hongrun", the kite is integrated into the fireworks setting elements, carefully planni

Big United States Qing Xu Tang blossom flourishing National Day fireworks

In the evening of 10.3, the second International Music Fireworks Festival of Qingxu, China's vinegar capital, created by Tanghua fireworks, came to a successful end. Happy seventy-fourth birthday to the motherland! Meanwhile, congratulations to the Russian team for winning the International Fire

Tanghua fireworks start the second Huaihua City tourism development conference

September 22 20:08 Dragon Boat Culture Square in Yuanling County, digital photoelectric fireworks show lit up Yuanling night!The fireworks display on the broad and green Yuanling River is more than 700 meters wide and more than 200 meters high, showing the fireworks landscape painting of "

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